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We are ready to meet the future as a worldwide company with indefinite number of works in construction and tourism sectors that we have proudly realized as CCG for over 40 years and also with our new projects at international standards that we are prepared to realize.


It is among our objectives;
> to accelerate our expansion to the world;
> to adapt our existing technology to the updated conditions constantly by using the opportunities provided by the information age;
> to work and grow continuously to ensure that Turkey takes its deserved place in the globalizing world;
> to be a group meeting international criteria that gives value to the human being with it does, that makes the environment beautiful and that produces example works.

There will be very significant changes in turkey. The increasing competition and the economic conditions that become increasingly difficult in the globalizing world will create new business rules. But, the new century will be the period of those that achieve beauty, innovation, change, difference and success at international standards.
It has always become the vision of CCG Group to struggle in order to bring our country to a better point. We, as an action company that always produces works, aim at increasing the targets of Turkey in the world with the boundaries that are increasingly getting smaller.